Monday, November 15, 2010

Big Boy

Nate's growing up so fast, we can't believe it.  A couple of weeks ago he started actively rolling over.  He's been rolling over here and there since he was little, almost as if by accident.  But starting in November he rolls over with purpose.  Which meant the end of the swaddler and the end of his 10-12 hour sleep stretches.  (Thank you to my friend Leigh for the wonderful gift of the Miracle Blanket, we couldn't have lived without it!)  He's rolling over in his sleep and waking himself up in the middle of the night.  And just as he seemed to be getting back on track, poor little guy caught a cold at daycare.

The cold hasn't slowed him down though.  Yesterday we were playing on the floor and I noticed he was holding himself up a little bit.  So I took away the pillow that was propping him up and guess who sat all by himself?

sitting up and spitting up from Maura Davis on Vimeo.


  1. I love how many of his special moments caught on video end up in spitting-up, then smiling. In this clip, he seems so unimpressed with the fact that he's sitting up (major milestone), yet when he SPITS up, he gets all pleased with himself. Funny funny guy! Love you little buddy. Can't wait to see you next month!

  2. He is quite the multitasker! Sitting up and spitting like that, proud Davis moment! So cute

  3. I had to watch again...twice. I love when he looks at the camera and smiles as if to say, "Yeah, I did that!" What a little lump of love he is!!!!