Monday, November 29, 2010

Another month

Four months old!  Nate is continuing to explore and learn, he seems to have a new trick every day.  His current favorite activity is bouncing.  He loves to bounce in the jumparoo and whenever he's in our laps, he pushes his legs up and down to jump.  He has so much energy and smiles so much, you can't help but smile back.  He even had the doctor laughing this morning with his jumps and smiles.

We saw Dr. Porras this morning for Nate's four month checkup.  Everything looks good although his growth has slowed down.  His height and weight are down in the 34th percentile but the doctor said he's not concerned.  Tonight we started him on solids, dinner was baby oatmeal.  He's not a huge fan but he's still figuring out how the spoon works.  We'll try bananas or sweet potatoes later this week, hopefully he'll consume a little more and spit a little less.

We spent Nate's first Thanksgiving in Mentor.  He was fine in the car until the last couple of hours.  On the ride back to Maryland, I sat in the back middle seat squished between Nate's car seat and Guinness.  If Aaron finds a job sometime soon, we're heading out to find a new car with a bigger backseat!

A few pictures from Nate's four month birthday:
four months old (DSC_4209)

four months old (DSC_4207)


  1. He's saying, "Look! I'm taller than this doll!!" He is so big & so absolutely handsome! I cannot WAIT to see you my gorgeous little nephew. You're the best & your Aunt Meghan misses you so so much! Oh, and hang in there...solid food isn't always that gross. You're just in training for the good stuff ;-)

  2. I believe you meant to say "sweet ponatoes".