Thursday, April 3, 2014


After reading this blog post, I hugged Nate and asked him if he'll be my baby forever.  This request typically gets a, "yes" or at least a smile.  But tonight he said, "Sorry, Mom.  But I'm growing and growing."

Indeed.  The kids are both growing up so fast.  Nate's learning about letters - how to write them and the sounds they make.  Last night we were discussing the "D" sound.  When we asked him what starts with "d," he immediately answered, "W!"  It took me a minute.  Then I realized that he's not wrong, Double-U does start with D.

And Margo is imitating us in words and actions every day.  Even things I wouldn't think she notices, she does.  Like the other day when she had a (closed) can of soda.  She put her little finger on the tab, like she was going to open it.  All I could think was, "How in the world did she pick up on that?"

We're loving the spring weather and counting the days until the pool opens!

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  1. I love that Nate said, "Sorry, Mom..." because he knew you weren't going to love the response.