Friday, November 15, 2013

Fall Update

So, what's keeping us so busy that there is no time to tell anyone why we're so busy?

These two.  Known around our house as McGillicuddy and Magoo.  Or Magoogle if said in a "MacGruber" sing-song.

Two words - Constant motion.  If one of them is still, the other is likely climbing on top of the quiet one.  And it goes both ways.  They are the best of friends and clearly love each other so much.  Marg lights up when she sees her brother in the morning and uses the consonant N sound to "say" his name.  Nate looks forward to running into her room every morning and listens for the first sound of her stirring so he can loudly alert us, "Margaret's awake!"  He's been known to expedite her waking up process by creeping into her room when we aren't looking.  This morning he did so while I was in the shower.  He then excitedly ran into the bathroom to alert me that she was awake but too heavy for him to get out of the crib.  I'm not sure I want to know if he actually attempted this maneuver.  By the time I got out of the shower to get her, Nate had turned on her music, given her some toys, and was sitting on the floor next to he crib repeatedly saying, "It's okay, Nate's here."

For Halloween Nate knew he wanted to be Mike Wazowski so Aunt Meghan kindly made Miss M a Boo costume to go along with big brother.  Margo was surprisingly patient with the costume, once we got it on her, and didn't bother with it most of the night. She made an appearance at a few neighbor houses and then went home to hang out with her four grandparents while we took Nate around some more.


Then we were joined by these guys:
As a retrospective:
Kanga-Nate, Dino-Will and Toucan-Sam (DSC_0683)
Missing 2012 because we were stuck in Cleveland, thanks Super Storm Sandy.

Other things going on at Chez Davis:
Preschool open houses - Aaron and I have been looking into our options for Nate for Fall 2014.  We thought we'd tour one or two and an obvious choice would appear.  But we underestimated the vast number of options and some of the really cool things going on near us.  Words like Montessori, language immersion, Reggio Emilio, play-based, and creative curriculum are running amok in our house.  We've agreed to stop looking, there are already plenty of good choices.  Now we need to start deciding.  More to come on this, I'm sure.

Soccer - Nate's been playing soccer this fall.  I'm using the term "playing" very loosely.  I think everyone in the family will be happy after tomorrow's final soccer practice.  He was very excited about playing, and talks about it with enthusiasm during the week.  But then he get shy when it comes time to play.  The team is 3-5 year-olds so he is among the youngest.  The older kids' parents have told us this is really common and he'll likely be a different player by next fall.

Work - While there's nothing terribly exciting to report here, unless you count Aaron's trip to Reno as exciting, work has been keeping both of us very busy.  Thankfully, I've just finished budget season so things will slow down here until after the holidays.  Hopefully.

Planning for Margaret's first birthday - Nearly impossible to believe, but our little one is turning one in a month.  For her celebration, we're going to a puppet performance of the Nutcracker with a party afterwards.  We are really looking forward to having friends and family together for her big birthday.  We've been so blessed with this sweet little girl.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I just love them, well all of you, to pieces!!!!