Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Visting the Doctor

Last week Nate was home sick from daycare.  I had an appointment so he had to come along.  I was nervous about having a toddler in an office with me but it turned out to be fun.  Dr. Band has sons and his experience with kids showed.  He was great with Nate and had him sit on the table next to me and showed him how to use the Doppler.  So Nate was actually the one to find the baby's heartbeat.  Which of course he won't remember, but I think I always will. (146 bpm, right on the border for anyone using the old wives tale to try and predict gender!)

The funniest part of the visit was when Nate grabbed a cup from the stack and began pretending to drink out of it.  The stack was new, clean cups.  But the picture was too good not to snap.


  1. I remember getting to hear his Mommy's heartbeat when I was little. Of course I was 4, so I remember more, but I do remember thinking it was cool :-) As for the cups....is this the same kid who just had a potty on his head? I predict he will be in a fraternity one day ;-)

  2. matthew went with me to all of my prenatal appts - unless they needed to do an internal which was just that first and those last couple. he says he remembers going and remembers helping find josh's heartbeat. the midwives- every one of them - immediately pulled up a chair, helped him stand on it and let him take charge of the doppler. the one time that the newest one didn't - he did it himself and took it out of her hand when she was having trouble and putting it very deliberately on my bump right away located his baby brother's heart beat. she never doubted him again. and his job was always to wipe the goo off mommy's belly. ....i miss those days...

  3. Er...Nate, sport...that's for what comes out, not what goes in.