Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Nate continues to impress, amuse and bewilder us every day.  He seems to be on the verge of a language explosion, we can't wait to find out what all the babbling has really meant.  But for now, all we've got is "uh oh" and sometimes a very nate-ized version of "dog."

Speaking of poor Guinness, the most frequently heard word in our house these days is, "gentle!" being said to Nate instructing him how to pet/touch/kiss/hug/maul the dog.  Fortunately G is a great dog and incredibly patient with the baby.  I was terrified of dogs when I was a kid.  I'm really glad Nate will grow up with this big guy.


Much to my delight, Nate has developed a love of reading.  I can guarantee you as soon as walks into our family room, he will immediately head to the book shelf and pick one of his favorite books.  Then it's on my lap for a read through and, depending on the book, either an "Ehhhh" meaning "Read it again!" or he hops off my lap and picks out another book.  Repeat process.  Favorite books right now are Dogs, the Bright Baby set and My Big Book of Spanish Words.

Nate's favorite books (DSC_0411)

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  1. Did Row Row Row Your Boat fall off of his best sellers list? I don't doubt that he loves books. But, maybe part of his fascination is the fact that he gets to snuggle up with Mom ;-)