Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Nate loves to eat.  Specifically, Nate loves to eat sweet food.  Peas and avocado, not a fan.  Bananas, apples and pears?  More, more, more!

He had a bit of a stomach bug for a while so we're just getting him back on solids.  He really wants to feed himself, prompting the lack of clothing (making my life easier as I took him directly from here into the bath).  And then Guinness helped with clean up by licking the pears off the bumbo while I bathed the baby.  My boys are so helpful.

And yes, he is looking around me to see the television.  Our baby loves TV.  At least we were watching NBC Nightly News.

1 comment:

  1. DUH! You make a better door than a window ;-) Not sure about Aaron's side of the family, but we are all good about TV blocking, and also looking AROUND each other to see it. He's definitely one of us!