Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our big, stubborn baby

Another great doctor's appointment this morning.  We started with an ultrasound but unfortunately we have no pictures to share.  Baby refused to cooperate and wouldn't look at us.  More importantly though, everything looks great.  Plenty of fluid and baby's in the right position for birth.  Heartbeat is 147 bpm.

The technician took baby's measurements and it appears that he or she is going to be a big baby.  The in utero measurements can be off up to 1.5 pounds in either direction.  But right now they're measuring our jellybean at 4 pounds 11 ounces.  And the head is quite large.  The average baby gains about 1/2 a pound a week at this point so we're looking at around 8 1/2 pounds of baby if he or she arrives at 40 weeks.

Then we saw Dr. Lizardo who we haven't met before.  Aaron and I are both really pleased with everyone in the practice.  All the doctors are comfortable, personable and laid back.  We'll be happy with whoever's on duty when the baby's born.  Baby and I are both healthy and Dr. Lizardo cleared me to keep exercising.

More painting this weekend for poor Aaron.  We bought paint for the baby's room and that will go up so it can dry in time for furniture delivery.  The crib, dresser and glider are being delivered next weekend, June 5th.  Once we start to get the room in shape, we'll post some pictures.


  1. Dr. Lizardo? Does he look anything like this guy?

  2. So very excited for you guys!!!! And I love that you have a blog!!!!